How to Mute Vocals from Karaoke Songs

Free tutorial to help you Mute voice from Karaoke Music in a song.

Short and simple guide:
Karaoke effect - Please disable your right or left audio level balance in your pc speaker properties for Karaoke mode.

How does it work? 

Most Karaoke songs are mixed with the vocals being almost equally loud in both the left and right channels. This is done to give the effect of the vocalist being "center stage" when you play it back on your stereo.

When the karaoke effect is applied to this type of recording, the vocals will disappear or come close to disappearing as they cancel eachother out. Please do note that this does not work on mono recordings or in stereo recordings where the vocals are mixed off center. 

While the songs is playing: try this,

Step 1: Click on your speaker tab icon on your pc and choose speaker properties.

Step 2:  In the speaker properties select > Level tab > Balance tab and mute down either "right" or "left" level.

From this step onwards you will notice that the vocal will mute away, and only one side of the speaker (left or right) is softer; where the other side is louder. Well, that is how it works for the Karaoke effect. Happy singing!

There are many other ways and tricks for Karaoke voice removal techniques soon that i will share with you. Cheers for now.

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